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Medical Internet of Things: 
From Biosensor Devices, System to Artificial Intelligence

Dear Colleagues,
   Nowadays, the market of healthcare is experiencing rapid growth and is believed to be dramatically expanding due to upcoming global aging. For many global health problems, effective treatments already exist. However, limited access to diagnostic equipment often results in late diagnosis and delayed treatment. The medical Internet of Things (IoT) is endowed with the expectation to fulfil the rigid demand, which require that all kinds of digital medical devices link and access the Internet to acquire real-time parameters related to personalized health, such as medical images, and biochemical and biophysical parameters. Family doctors or medical Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems can access the related biomedical information of their patients and give precise, personalized and preventive healthcare consultations. Medical data acquisition is the basis for the construction of medical IoT. The proposed issue will cover all aspects of medical IoT, from on-chip biological sample preparation to medical sensor development, biomedical sensor network, big health data processing and AI application in medicine, which is capable of providing a systematic view on the medical IoT. The success of the proposed issue will have a significant impact on the connected healthcare industry and market, since big healthcare is a hot topic with great research efforts and fast development. We believe this work will also attract many professional audiences in industry.  
   This Micromachines Special Issue on “Medical Internet of Things: From Biosensor Devices, System to Artificial Intelligence” intends to collect the most relevant original short communications, review articles, and research papers, from industry and academia. We welcome your contribution and we would also appreciate your referral to a colleague who might be interested.

Prof. Dr. Jinhong Guo
Prof. Dr. Hejun Du
Dr. Jun Zhang
Prof. Dr. Xing Ma
Dr. Huaying Chen
Guest Editors

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 15 May 2018 extended to 15 August, 2018
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